A Revolutionary New Offers Platform

Combining Facebook Messenger & Mobile Wallet

How does this help my business?

  • Get More Butts on Seats

    Access to foot traffic you’ve been missing

  • Wider Exposure in the Marketplace Not Previously Available

    (average lifetime value of a new customers could be worth thousands)

  • Use Push Notification Offers for Slow Days or Special Promotions


    • Monday Night, Free appetizer/discounted food drinks
    • Happy Hours, Holidays, Special Events

Amazing Customer Engagement Rates

4x That of Other Marketing Campaigns

What do I get?

  • Monthly Report on Your Offers and Promotions

    • Track claims and redemptions
  • Access to Google sheets with Customers Emails

    * An optional upgrade

    • Upload to Facebook and create custom audiences to run Facebook ads using lookalike audiences. Or build your in-house email list.

Fully Managed Advertising and
Supporting Social Media

Graphic and Video Content Across the Major Platforms

How do you get subscribers in the program?

  • Evergreen Advertising Campaigns Across Multiple Platforms

    • We manage the ads and cover all ad costs on multiple platforms
  • Table Tents with Messenger Scan Codes and QR Codes in High Traffic Locations

    • Discounts offered to participating locations
  • Multiple Forms of Print Media With Scan Codes Distributed Locally

    • Trifolds, Flyers and Window Stickers
    • Full compliment of Social Media Sites Used in Support

Boost Brand Awareness

With Our Viral Sharing Strategies

What Makes This Better than Traditional Print Advertising?

  • Track Offers and Actually See Your ROI

    • Campaign tracking features simply not available with print
  • No Need for Paper Coupons or Loyalty Cards

    • Offers are deployed and redeemed entirely with the customer’s smart phone
  • Print Ads Cannot Match These New Ways to Engage Customers

    • Direct links within your personalized card for directions, leaving reviews and terms of your offer
  • Why Not Both?

    • Smart businesses recognize the need to lean into digital marketing opportunities.

Measurable ROI

Tracked With Our Analytics


Multi-Tier Pricing is Available including Featured Tiers

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Installing Your Discover the Bay VIP Pass

With QR Code

Install With These Easy Steps

1. Open QR Code Reader App on Your Mobile Phone

2. Scan the code Above

3. “Open Link” when prompted. 

4. If Prompted in Facebook Messenger, Choose “Get Started”

5. Follow Messenger Prompts

With Website URL

Install With These Easy Steps

1. Open Browser on Your Mobile Phone

2. Enter URL above 

3. If Prompted in Facebook Messenger, Choose “Get Started”

4. Follow Messenger Prompts

With Facebook Code

Install With These Easy Steps

1. Open Facebook Messenger App on Your Mobile Phone

2. Hit People Icon

3. Scan the code Above

4. If Prompted in Facebook Messenger, Choose “Get Started”

Navigating Your New VIP Pass

Watch the Video Below

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